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Work to Begin on Blue Hill Community Walking Trail

Release Date: 08/30/2015

Blue Hill, ME (August 24, 2015) – Together with the Town of Blue Hill, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is investing in a community walking trail to be located near the skating rink on Union Street.  Blue Hill Road Commissioner Billy Cousins and his crew are scheduled to begin work on August 28, with an official trail opening planned for early October. 

The results of collaborative work between Blue Hill Memorial Hospital and the Town of Blue Hill will provide community members and visitors with an in-town, easy-to-access, well-maintained walking trail to use throughout the year.  Pete Coleman, professional trail designer and builder with over 20 years of experience, and John Richardson, Hydraulic Engineer, have been instrumental in moving this exciting project forward. 

Coleman, who spearheaded the State permitting work, has minimized the trail's impact on surrounding wetlands thereby simplifying the permitting process. “I believe wholeheartedly in the healing power that comes from outdoor recreation and of the opportunities that a project like this can have in improving community well-being and in strengthening our sense of place,” explains Coleman.  John Richardson was asked by Coleman to prepare GIS maps of the trail used for planning and permitting.  As a resident of Blue Hill for 12 years, Richardson looks forward to the completion of the walking trail.  “I see this trail as a true gift to the community.  I am grateful to both the Town and the hospital, and proud to be part of the team that made this idea a reality.”
The trail will be just over one-half mile in length, accessible from the Union Street Peninsula Skating Rink parking lot.  Plans are already in development to create a picnic/ viewing area of the AA baseball field, introduce native plants, as well as post educational messages and tips on the benefits of physical activity and walking.

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is committed to improving the health and wellness of this community and hopes that this trail will see heavy use by residents and visitors of all ages.  “It made a lot of sense for us to get involved,” says hospital president and CEO John Ronan.  “We are proud to have the opportunity to make this kind of investment in our community.”

For more information, please contact Kelley Columber at 374-3418. 

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