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Bucksport Rehabilitation Services Expand with New Women’s Health Program

Release Date: 02/05/2014

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital’s (BHMH) rehabilitation services in Bucksport has recently expanded its services to include a new women’s health program.  Treatments and therapies include working with women who have problems with stress incontinence, urgency urinary incontinence, mixed incontinence, as well as incontinence, lower back pain, and other associated problems occurring during and after pregnancy.

Kacey Hutchins, DPT, has completed training in pelvic physical therapy.  A physical therapist for over six years, Hutchins is pleased to bring this effective and important service to the area. Patients travel long distances for these treatments, as there aren’t many providers offering this kind of treatment, especially in Maine.  She meets with patients in Blue Hill and Castine as well as Bucksport.

Women of all ages struggling with incontinence or women experiencing pain or incontinence during or after pregnancy should know that while these symptoms are common, they are not normal and can often be treated.  “Research is showing that physical therapy intervention can be as effective as medication,” explains Hutchins.  “I am excited to offer these new services and patients have been responding well to treatment.”

More women’s rehabilitation programs and services will be added over the next couple of months, which will further enhance the department’s offerings. Bucksport Rehabilitation Services offers a variety of programs including speech language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and pediatric speech pathology.

Bucksport Rehabilitation Services is located at 58 Main Street in Bucksport.  For more information about all the services available at Bucksport Rehabilitation Services call 469-3107.  Contact your primary care provider or women’s health care provider to obtain a referral for the women’s health rehabilitation program.


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