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BHMH Employees Raise Awareness for Breast Cancer with the Help of Suzy's Scissor Shack

Release Date: 11/05/2014

Blue Hill, ME - (October 31, 2014) – The sign hanging in the window of Suzy’s Scissor Shack says: “Get Pinked.”   When the Island Fishermen’s Wives organization starting talking about what group they would like to support for the month of October, they agreed it should relate to Breast Cancer Awareness.  Suzy Shepard, business owner and a member of the Fishermen’s Wives organization decided she would like to get involved. 

After making a special trip to pick up some hot pink hair color, Suzy invited the Fishermen’s Wives to an event at her salon, to offer $15 pink highlights.  As the women showed off their highlights in town, more and more community members showed up for highlights too.  Towards the end of the month, Suzy had “pinked” over 20 men, women, and children.  She wanted to keep the fundraising dollars local, and eventually connected with Amy Houghton, manager for diagnostic imaging at Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (BHMH.)  Suzy was delighted to find out about the Community Cancer Screening Fund, a program started by BHMH employees to offer cancer screening financial assistance to community members.  She decided to generously donate all proceeds.

Four BHMH employees joined the fun and participated.  “BHMH is so very grateful for the thoughtfulness and creativity of Suzy Shepard,” says Houghton.  “This donation to the Community Cancer Screening Fund will make a difference to those in our own community who wish to pursue cancer screenings at BHMH but may be unable to due to financial constraints.” For more information on the Community Cancer Screening Fund and the Diagnostic Imaging Department, please call 374-3490.

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