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Community Health Needs Assessment

BHMH Sponsors Student-Initiated Health Fair at George Stevens Academy

Release Date: 11/10/2014

As part of the new Nonprofit Experience program at George Stevens Academy (GSA), a comprehensive Health Fair for students evolved.  Two seniors, Jordon Soper and Anna Ludlow have been partnering with Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (BHMH) for several months to design a program that met the needs of their classmates.   The students were careful to identify the subject areas: stress and time management, depression and anxiety, sexual education, and diet and nutrition.  Chris Haley, Director of Philanthropy at BHMH, worked closely with the students along with GSA’s Director of Development, Rada Starkey.  “It was a pleasure working with the students, both Jordan and Anna were very engaged throughout the process,” explains Haley.  “This event was a wonderful collaboration between BHMH and GSA and fit well with our renewed community outreach focus.”

Family Nurse Practitioner Zoe Tenney was the keynote speaker at the October 22 event.  An alum of GSA, Zoe is glad to be able to give back to her community.  In her remarks, she reminded the students of four important facts about her and her colleagues: they (the providers) like to work with young people; they have the expertise to help them; there are privacy rules in place to protest patients; and, there is nothing they haven’t heard.  Eight providers from BHMH presented: Kathy Ober, MD, Suzanne Norgang, CNM, Tiana Larsen, CNM, Mike Murnik, MD, Stacey Walden, DO, Gordana Hassett LCSW, Martha Cole, MS, RDN, LD, Catherine Princell, MSRN along with private practitioner Meghan Holland, LCPC-C, and Healthy Acadia’s Nutrition Education Coordinator Shoshona Smith. 

“Our providers really enjoy spending time with young people,” says Kelley Columber, community relations manager for BHMH.  “They work with patients of all ages in their practices, and welcome the opportunity to provide young people with information that can help keep them safe and healthy.” 

Each student received a community resource guide listing websites and contact information to seek assistance for themselves, a family member, or a friend.  BHMH’s Abby Keebler Ryan Fund for Women and Girls underwrote the publishing costs for the resource guide.

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