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Blue Hill Memorial Hospital Ranks in Top 10% Nationwide for Patient Safety and Quality

Release Date: 10/17/2013

Blue Hill Memorial Hospital (BHMH) recently received its scores on Leapfrog’s annual hospital survey.  The annual survey is part of Leapfrog’s Hospital Recognition Program, a program that focuses on the most important national patient safety, quality, and resource use standards.  BHMH ranked in the top 10% nationwide out of 1,324 participating hospitals.  “We are so proud of the staff at BHMH.  We attribute these high scores to excellent teamwork, always aimed at caring for our patients,” says quality manager Kathy Lirakis, RN. “The implementation this past year of computerized physician order entry along with a medication verification program are examples of how prioritizing in patient safety results in fewer errors and better outcomes.”

There are many factors that contributed to BHMH’s success, including the support of strong, quality programs utilized by providers and staff.  “Most importantly, it is the passion of all of our staff for providing excellent care that made this extraordinary distinction possible,” explains chief nursing officer Connie Barrett, RN, MSN, JD. “As a member of EMHS, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital is committed to delivering the right care at the right time in the right place.”

The Leapfrog Group was formed in 2000 by a passionate group of Fortune 500 companies who were committed to leveraging the purchasing power of its members to promote quality, safety and affordability of health care by promoting high value health care through incentives and rewards. Every year the data collected through the Leapfrog Survey is used to evaluate, benchmark, and publicly report hospital performance in a number of clinical areas including computerized physician order entry, management of serious errors, readmissions for acute myocardial infarctions, heart failure and pneumonia, length of stay, and the incorporation of safe practices into daily operations.  Performance in a specific clinical area is then compiled into a composite score in one of three overall areas:  quality, resource use, and value.  In 2013, 1,324 hospitals, ranging in size from less than 25 beds to over 1000 beds, participated in the survey.

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